Saturday, 24 December 2016

Happy Holidays, Winniemoon!

 Hey @winniemoon ! I’m your secret santa you weenie!

I made you some simple but nice gifts for the holidays! I really hope you enjoy them!


  • Aslaug Skin
  • Heimdal Lips (37 Swatches)
  • Roskva Shirt (10 Swatches)
  • Geir Skogul Pants (12 Swatches)
  • The Roskva and Geir Skogul clothing pieces are both child to adult conversions from City Living clothing, and are base game compatible!

The lips are my own texture, with colours from @pooklet and EA basegame lips.

The Aslaug skin overlay has small parts taken from @lilith-sims‘s apple pie skinblend, but is mostly hand drawn. It should work with almost all skin colours!

Please look at my TOU before downloading. Have fun everyone!

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Happy Holidays, everyone!

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